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This is one of our favorite structures and the most commonly used. The Shade Sails are very affordable and fun-looking. Shade Sails are very attractive and can become a design feature of your home, business or any outdoor area. 

All the commercial grade shade sails are made from the 320-360 gsm commercial 95 shade cloth. This cloth does have the best UV , wind and fire rating on the market today. We use 3/16" or 1/4" cable in the hem of all the commercial shade sails.

Please phone for our new DIY Residential Shade Sails. New

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2 post with a standard pyramid/gable roof type. The benefits of using this type of structure is that we have no more than 2 posts for a single structure and sometime no posts when using a solid wall to to mount the structure onto. This structure is often used for applications like carports where we want as few posts as possible for people to hit.

Ideal for pool decks as the posts can be set near the fence or wall leaving the whole pool deck free.

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Standard 4 posts pyramid / gable roofs.  The 4 post is a very sturdy structure and is the most commonly used. The structure can be used virtually anywhere and is a low cost installation.

Look for your new PLAY SYSTEM structures. These structures get mounted onto posts of an existing playset. By using the posts of the playset we can save on the materials and installation costs. These structures can be build as 10x10 or 16x16 shade structures.

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This structure type can be used over sidewalks and on sports and recreations parks. This structure can be used where some overlap is needed on the sides to provide more shade.



Single Post Umbrella

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Our newest product is the single post shade structure Umbrella.  The 14x14 umbrella is big enough to seat 6-8 people and 4 reclined beach chairs.

Sizes : 10x10 / 12x12 / 14x14 / 16x16 ...please call for prices ( ask about our new canti-levered umbrellas)

Made from the standard shade cloth fabric. This fabric is mostly used for large permanent shade structure that requires no maintenance and can with stand the harsh full Florida climate.